June 21, 2016

BAMALearnBurmese.com Highlight Colloquial Sentences


Some terms below borrowed from: Language, Vol. 20, No. 4, Language Dissertation No. 38: Outline of Burmese Grammar (Oct. - Dec., 1944), 5-34. 

(+) စားတယ်။ = (someone -- can be me, you, she, ...) eat. 
(-) မစားဘူး။ = (someone -- can be me, you, she, ...) don't eat. 
(?) စားလား။ = Do (someone, can be me, you, she, ...) eat?

Note: COLLOQUIAL Burmese often exclude pronoun. 
There are a lot of variant for above sentences. The variant might have the same meaning, slightly different, or a lot different. Often, the change of suffix change the tone of sentence. 

Find basic suffixes here! 

စားတယ် = to eat (verb). 
စားတယ်။ = (someone -- can be me, you, she, ...) eat. 
စားပါတယ်။ = (someone -- can be me, you, she, ...) eat. [ပါ adds politeness] 
စား။ = Eat! [imperative sentence] 
စားပါ။ = Please eat. [polite imperative sentence] 
စားပါအုံး။ = Please eat. [sounds more friendly] 
စားပါရှင်။ = Please eat, (polite tag of woman speaker). [with polite tag, making the sentence sounds more polite] 
မစားပါနဲ့။ = Please don't eat. [negative imperative sentence]

Here are more! Pay attention to the order of the words; though it is possible there are other variants to the word order. 

Notice the "hotdog" comes first.

ဟော့ဒေါ့စားခဲ့တယ်။ = (someone) ate hotdog. [past tense] 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စားတယ်။ = (someone) eat hotdog. [past or present tense] 
ဘာစားသလဲ။ = What does (someone) eat? 
ဘာစားမလဲ။ = What to eat? 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စား(သ)လား။ = (does someone) eat hotdog? 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စားတယ်နော်။ = (someone) eat hotdog, right? [asking the listener to agree with you] 

ဟော့ဒေါ့စားနေတယ်။ = (someone) is eating hotdog. [continuous] 

ဟော့ဒေါ့စားမယ်။ = (someone) will eat hotdog. [future tense] 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စားမလား။ = Should (someone) eat hotdog? 

ဟော့ဒေါ့စားချင်တယ်။ = (someone) wants to eat hotdog. 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စားချင်လား။ = Does (someone) want to eat hotdog? 

ဟော့ဒေါ့စားပြီးပြီ။ = (someone) has finished eating hotdog. 

ဟော့ဒေါ့စားပြီးပြီလား။ = Has (someone) finished eating hotdog?

You may use it as a customer asking if hotdog is available to order.

ဟော့ဒေါ့ဆိုရလား။ = Is hotdog ok? 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စားရမလား။ = Should (someone) eat hotdog? 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စားမလား။ = Is hotdog ok? or Wanna eat hotdog? 
ဟော့ဒေါ့ရတယ်။ = Hotdog is ok. 
ဟော့ဒေါ့စားလို့ရတယ်။ = Hotdog is ok.

Adding time and other adverb.

မနက်ဖြန်ညစာဟော့ဒေါ့စားမယ်ရလား။ = Is hotdog for tomorrow dinner ok?

Express like or dislike.

ဟော့ဒေါ့ကြိုက်တယ်။ = (someone) like (to eat) hotdog. 
ဟော့ဒေါ့ကြိုက်သလား။ = Does (someone) like hotdog? 
ဟော့ဒေါ့သိပ်မကြိုက်ပါဘူး။ = (someone) don't very much like hotdog.

Classifier/counter words and asking people to do something for you.

ဟော့ဒေါ့တစ်ခုပေးပါ။ = Please bring 1 hotdog. 
[N] + # + c.w. + [V] 
ဟော့ဒေါ့အခုနှစ်ဆယ်ပါဆလ်ပေးပါ။ = Twenty hotdog for take away, please. 
For round number: [N] + (အ)c.w. + # + [V]