November 27, 2019

Remove Clothing Security Tags


The security tag we have is the one with a small hole on the side.
We remove it with a 2 kg dumbbell.
Hitting very hard didn't work.

Put the tag on the floor (do not need to hold on the tag), flatter side up (see photo with caption). Hold the 2 kg dumbbell with two hands, hit constantly: medium-strength - short distance. The tag cracked open within 10 hits! Manually take out the flat iron attached to the needle. And.. Done.

put the tag like this (flat side up). hit it with 2 kg dumbbell.


October 19, 2019

Burmese Keyboard on Cell Phone

I. Unicode setting for iPhone, Android, Windows

II. iPhone

Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard... > Burmese

III. There is Burmese keyboard on Gboard Android . Unfortunately, not yet on iPhone.

1. Download the Gboard.
2. Open and follow the steps.
3. Add a language, find "Burmese" (it's Unicode).
4. Check on both keyboards (keyboard & handwriting) if you prefer to.


March 04, 2019

Diary: Newborn essentials checklist, baby stores in Yangon, and beyond

I was worried when we decided to go back to Yangon once our baby was 3 months old. Will Yangon city has all the necessary items?
Turns out it does!

We can easily find them on Google Map and Facebook. Some are online shops. There are photos, even price. You can try if they have viber (much easier to communicate, just send them photos of the item and ask if they have it and how much), otherwise, try to call them to confirm. They may not be able to speak English though, you might need to ask your local friend to help you ask the shops.
Check prices among shops. The milk we buy has price diff of 16000ks per box.

Disclaimer: I am no expert, I did not do much research, and I do not endorse.

Here we go..

Newborn -- Mostly bought in Jakarta

Registering the birth of a child in Indonesia and apply for affidavit & passport 


  1. Long and short - Velvet junior set new born, bamboo and non bamboo, each 4 sets. The non bamboo ones are pretty thick. The bamboo ones are thin.
  2. Long and short - Fluffy set new born, each 4 sets. Thin.
  3. Mittens. At first, only bought 4 sets, we kept buying until 10 + sets, since she kept making it wet by putting them in her mouth. We stopped putting mittens on her when she was 4 months, that she knew how not to scratch her face.
  4. Swaddle Velvet junior 12.
  5. Bedong Baby Chaz White 6.
  6. Alas ompol Oz 12.
  7. LEN mattress protector 1, KLÄMMIG Changing pad 3 from IKEA.
  8. Silky soft dream blanket pebble shibori Aden Anais 1. Well, she didn't like blanket ever since newborn. She will kick the blanket till it's gone then she sleeps.
  9. Baby Bee airy blanket 1.
  10. Hats 2. Didn't use it, she has a lot of hair and easily sweating.
  11. Washcloth (heart breaker) Aden Anais 3.
  12. Bibs 10.
  13. Bandana bib Honey Bunny 2. Bought it when she was 4 months old.
  14. Burp cloth 4. Bought many more when she was 4 months old, that she started drooling.
  15. Towel Uchino from Yangon.
  16. Daily clothes buy online from Tokopedia. Mostly buttons at the front. 
  17. Going out clothes from Next online, H&M, Mothercare, Gingersnaps. 

Diapers, lotions, bottles and more

  1. Nepia Genki Tape Newborn.
  2. Breast Pads Honeycomb Pigeon.
  3. Cotton ball small Mothercare.
  4. Baby tissue Paseo.
  5. Small glass tupperware for changing diaper.
  1. Precious newborn cream Buds Organic. 
  2. Baby massage oil Buds Organic. 
  3. Precious newborn head to toe cleanser Buds Organic.
  4. Bum rush Sudocrem.
  5. Protopic ointment 0.03% for her eczema. We tried several brands, the ones with steroid usually work; no more rash within 2 days. Protopic does not contain steroid, also works well.
  6. Mupi tropical ointment. Doctor prescription. 
  1. Night time pacifier 0-6m Pigeon 2.
  2. Chu Chu Standard PPSU bottle 150 ml 3.
  3. Chu Chu bottle 240 ml 2.
  4. Nylon bottle brush Pigeon.
  5. Sterilization Tongs Pigeon.
  6. Thermos 500 ml.
  7. Safety pins large.
  8. Baby cotton swap.
  9. Kasa hidrofil steril.
  10. Softmate Basic Tissue.
  11. Baby detergent Pigeon.
  12. Bottle liquid cleanser Pigeon.


  1. Travel bed Nuna Sena Aire Frost with insect net, mattress protector & bed sheet. 
  2. We knew we will be moving to Yangon, so we picked this. But the baby ends up sleep with us anyway. Not only we feel kind of sad to leave her alone there, it is also better for our back to move her to/from our bed (higher). Until now we very rarely use it. If we were to buy another baby bed, we would buy an attachable baby crib to our bed.
  3. Foldable laundry basket from IKEA.
  4. Diaper bag IKEA (too small though: the thermos, 1 water bottle, 1 pacifier, 5 sachets meiji cube, 3 bottles, 2 swaddle, 1 waterproof diaper pad, 1 set of shirt and pants, 5 diapers, 2 bibs, small baby paseo, several pieces softmate basic tissue).
  5. Bath tub XL & gayung Puku.
  6. Newborn Nail Scissor Pigeon.
  7. Termoscan 7 ear thermometer Braun.
  8. Stérimar nasal hygiene. We bought it when we were in Jakarta. If i am not mistaken, you can find it in iFun iBaby.
  9. We bought several Nasal Aspirator, none of them work....
  10. Stroller Bugaboo Bee5.
  11. Carseat CabrioFix Maxi-Cosi.
  12. Rainbow 2 baby carrier I-angel.

3 months+ -- Yangon

Milk & Food

  1. Back in Jakarta we gave her MEIJI Hohoemi Baby Milk powder. At some point, the doctor said she needs to change to 'special milk'. The doctor suggested Nutribaby Allepre / Enfamil A+ Gentlecare, NAN PHPro. Not very sure which of these make him believe so: face red (rash), mucus (we could hear it while she was breathing), kind of choked when drinking the milk, or her stomach often growling (not because she was hungry). We chose Enfamil A+ Gentlecare.  Later on, we moved to Yangon, there is no Enfamil in Yangon, so we moved back to Meiji, but this time the cubes ones. Shops that I know selling Meiji milk in Yangon: iFun iBaby, Happy Baby, Lucky.
  2. Dr Brown's Tooth & Gum.
  3. We started giving her solid when she was 4+ months old. We tried various brands of puree and other types of food. She doesn't really like the 'western' brand pouches and glass jars: Earth Best, Gerber, Heinz; maybe because they are usually sour. She really loves Kewpie in glass jars (we tried many flavors, she likes all). 
    1. We got Kewpie from
    2. Gerber organic oatmeal from Swe Zin USA Online Shopping (Facebook), though a lot of stores do have them.
  4. US Baby Silicone Heat Sensing Spoon. We do not use food dispensing/feeding spoon. 
  5. We bought Nuby food masher and Farlin food maker but haven't been using it. Yet. 
  6. Nuby Trainer Cup.


  1. Since we cannot find Nepia Genki in Yangon, we tried various brands of diapers: Merries, Pampers pants, Nepia. None of them are as satisfying as Nepia Genki Newborn (please note that this is personal opinion, we are not expert on this, lol). For sure we do not use Pampers pants. Same size as other brands, Pampers pants are just too small for her. (She was 7 kg, we bought all brand L size -- for 9-14 kg, but Pampers pants leaves marks on the skin).
    No worries. Various diaper brands can easily be found in Yangon!
  2. Nuby. Many shops selling them: Citymart/, Nuby store, Kyarlay
  3. Playmat Dwinguler. I bought mine from Kyarlay Mum & Baby.
  4. Washable clipper pop Combi from Dokodemo.
  5. Haircut scissors Kai from Dokodemo.
  6. Haircut cape Kai from Dokodemo.
  7. Mosquito net big from Citymart, small from Baby & Me.

List of stores in Yangon I often visit

(alphabetically sorted)
Again, there are plenty of shops that I did not cover but sure selling awesome stuff. Let me know if you found any and would like to share!

Mobile Apps (rarely been used, but there they are)

  1. theAsianparent. Good reading on milestones.
  2. BabyCenter. Also to track growth. Rarely use.
  3. WebMD & WebMD Baby. Rarely use.
  4. Chai's Play. Rarely use.
  5. Baby Mozart. Rarely use.
  6. Baby Tracker. Track feeding, sleep, diaper change, pumping, others. Never use it though. I track them on my notebook: 
  7. Time - time --> sleep
    Time drink how much, diaper change, poo, vitamin, cut nails, . SUM drink and sleep each end of day (+- 6 am until 6 am next day).
  8. Guva. Never use to calm baby.