May 24, 2015

We call him Wolverine

Found him yesterday. Should we adopt him or leave him to the security guard? :(

May 15, 2015

Cheat Sheet for Burmese Script (a copy from BBE)

I am learning Burmese script and put together the summary in one page. The idea is to have something on my phone that i can always check any time.
Here is a jpg file that you can download to your phone.
Again, it is from John Okell Burmese by Ear (BBE).

Syllable = head + rhyme.

Head can be:
“initial consonant” or
“medial consonant”.

Rhyme can be:
“attached vowel symbol” or
“a consonant with 'killer' symbol at top (look like a c)” or
“combination of an attached vowel symbol and a final consonant”.
Vowel UPDATED* 20150521
Cheat Sheet for Burmese Script

Learn Burmese Series

Introduction: Learning Burmese and Learning Burmese by Ear
Chapter 1


Cheat Sheet for Burmese Script
Writing Burmese Script on Mac Computers
Writing Burmese Script on Windows Computers
How to Get Pinyin Mark on Mac

We created website to learn Burmese from 0. It will include basic Burmese Script, audio, exercise, common phrases, mini dictionary, flash card app (click HERE to download the free offline Android app) and other mobile apps (coming soon). We will add new content and audio, so stay tuned!
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Dota 2 The International 2015

  • TI 2014 prize pool was $11 million prize
  • TI 2014 winner Team Newbee collecting a $5 million prize
  • "25% of all Compendium sales go to The International overall prize pool" means total sales of 2014 compendium was over $40 million
  • TI 2015 expected to raise more than $15 million in prizes

I just check the current prize pool is $8,651,184 (21 May 2015), quite a long way to go. People, please keep buying the compendium!

It is always interesting for me to spend the weekend with this 'ritual': open laptop, download the big update, lazily scrolling down through the update list. Watch the live game - read the chat! a lot of spectators will start complain about the update, some will call the player "Noob", another will call the other spectator "Noob" - "Let's "by 1"", or start retyping the 'typo' of another spectator in capitals. I mean, it is fun to see -- they don't know each other, sometimes they don't even know what they are talking about, but they look so sincere and intense! Such a community! And! I am having fun spending hours watching & reading it. Anyway, I can only play after 7pm, so once it is 7pm, puff -- just start the other ritual of "losing the game".It is just amazing that no matter how hard I try, there is always someone screw it -- afk, not buying the right item, being too money oriented, being too nub, in my team! Forget finding Rank Match - never go in there anymore!

OK, enough for my-Noob-class story -- really waiting for The International pro tournament! I wish I could go to US and watch it LIVE. I guess I'll just put that in my bucket list now. Have fun good luck for TI participants and all of us commoners!


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