September 14, 2014

Dota 2: Alienware versus Mac Air Retina

Just for fun..
Of course the winner is Alienware.

I played Dota 2 on Mac for the first time yesterday.
Here is my complaint list about playing Dota 2 on Mac:
The graphic lag is horrible.
Well, the graphic is horrible.
My mouse all of sudden go to the corner, and stucked there for about 3 second.
For sure cannot last hit, cannot war, so just get bkb and let it be..
I played with Barathum, can only charge, and mouse run away to the top corner (i could only see the edge of the map: the forest), and meanwhile tried so hard to click bkb...
Lucky i won. lol..
That's enough.. no more dota 2 on mac..

September 13, 2014

Open Dota 2 Full Screen on Mac

My first question when I finished the painful download of more than 6 GB + keep updating Dota 2 (Now finally have time for dota 2; so the question becomes real):
"How to play full screen Dota 2 on Mac?".
(Update 14Sep14: Read my review about playing dota on Mac here)

Here is the trick:
1. Go to your steam > "Library"
2. See "Dota 2" > "Properties"
3. Under "General" there is a box "SET LAUNCH OPTION..."
4. Put "-fullscreen" > click Close.
5. Re-open your Dota 2.

There you go.. Have fun and Good luck!


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