March 29, 2014

Yangon Accommodation, Serviced Apartments

To stay in Yangon, there are some options:

Hotel, motel
There are plenty of hotels in Yangon. Ranges from USD60 to USD250 and above. If you stay in 5 stars hotels, you can pay with credit card; anyway, always bring cash.
It's been said that Myanmar is very safe that people bringing piles of cash around the street; but better always be careful.

House & Others


Non furnished apartment
Semi furnished apartment
Full furnished apartment
Serviced apartment

Most common for foreigners right now is the serviced apartment. Electricity black out and limited internet access happen regularly. I don't think people from very developed countries are happy to sleep without air con during summer or shower without water heater during winter.
However, the cost to stay in such fancy places is not very friendly. Rent fee USD3000 per room (about 55 sqm) per month is kind of the median price; while 4 bedrooms can reach USD9500 per month.
To buy land in Yangon, you will need about USD300 per square feet.
News said there will be new law: foreigners can own condo.

Here are some ready serviced apartments in Yangon:
  • Espace Avenir email :
    Room type: Mayestic

  • Golden Hill Tower email :
    Tariffs: Starts from USD4400/month (70 sqm) for room type: One Bedroom

  • Marina email :
  • Micasa email :
  • Sakura Residence email :

  • Shangri-La Residence email :

  • Price starts from USD6000/month (156 sqm including balcony) for room type 2BR+1 (already fully booked) .. up to USD12,000 for penthouse.

More apartments are coming, and they are giant:
  • HAGL Centre 1800 apartments
  • Golden City 1200 apartments
  • Dagon City by Marga Landmark:

  • Diamond Inya Palace 406 apartments
  • The 68 Residence 153 apartments

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March 28, 2014

List of References


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Let's start with my favourite activity: Sport.
Sport is healthy and fun. Sport does not need language: just scream in your language and start using sign language!

Local here loves sport. They play chinlone (a group of players make a circle, keep kicking a ball or passing it to the other player) on the side road --be careful when you drive! The ball might fall to the street and some people just jump to get it.

I have visited some of them. They are new, some have sauna and jacuzzi, some have free flow juice, internet wifi. The employee speaks good english.
Beside the treadmill, cycling, lifting, and a lot of dumbbell, they also offer some classes such as yoga, aerobic, pilates, some sort of kick boxing.
Some of them have the membership (monthly, half a year, yearly) and also allow walk-in (one day). So far, the newly built gym charges more than USD1500 a year.
Big hotels and serviced apartments also have gym centre. Here are some of gyms in Yangon:



  • Email
  • Ko Kine swimming club
  • Kandawgyi swimming pool
  • Micasa
  • Pan Hlaing golf club
  • Traders Hotel
  • Xpress sport club
Table Tennis:
  • Summit Parkview
  • Summit Parkview
Martial Art:
Various places around Myanmar for golf, here I take which are in Yangon:
Pun Hlaing Golf Club ( Yangon )
Located about 30 minutes’ drive from downtown and 20 minutes from the airport.Green fees : USD 65 (Weekends)Green fees : USD 50 (Weekdays)Caddy fees : USD 5 Per Caddy Buggy : Not available for guest players Golf set Rental : USD 20Address : Hlaing Tharyar town ship, Yangon, Myanmar.Facilities : Yangon’s most beautiful housing estate, Restaurant, Bar, Conference Room, Pro-shop, Lockers & showers. Driving range & Practice putting greens.Reservation Office : + 95 1 684 020 to 4FAX : +95 1 684 025Email 
Pyin Oo Lwin Golf CourseGreen fees : USD 65 (Weekends)Green fees : USD 50 (Weekdays)Caddy fees : USD 5 Per CaddyBuggy : Not available for guest playersGolf set Rental : USD 20Address : Pyin Oo LwinFacilities : Only a Club house with locker rooms
City Farm & Golf Resort ( U Do )Located. about 2 hours drive from downtown Yangon. Green fees : USD 15Caddy fees : USD 5 Per CaddyAddress : U-Do, Taikkyi Township, Yangon Division, MyanmarFacilities : Restaurant & Bar, Bird watching, Fishing from the boat while sailing, Billiard & Snooker Room, Karaoke Lounge, Bungalows of fully furnished and clean rooms.Phone : + 95 1 247 775

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March 27, 2014

Yangon and Blog Overview

Since 2009, more and more people are coming to Myanmar for travelling and business. Tourists visiting Myanmar(1)
Year 2013: 2,044,307,
Year 2012: 1,058,995,
Year 2011: 816,369,
Year 2010: 791,505,
Year 2009: 762,547.

Compare to 2012 data, tourists visiting various countries (1):
France: 83 million,
China: 57.7 million,
Malaysia: 25 million,
Thailand: 22.3 million,
Japan: 8.3 million,
Indonesia: 8 million,
Vietnam: 6.8 million.

Why this Blog?

I first came to Yangon in June 2013, residing since December 2013. One thing I find very challenging:
Back in myhome town: when I need to buy something, there are two ways: 'stay where I am' way, or 'do some "working out"' way.
Let say I want to buy a refrigerator: I type "best refrigerator" in google, I get the model I want. Type "electronic shop" in google, buy online. Done.
"Working out" way means walk down to the shopping area (15 min walk), ask, swap card to pay, go home, done.

Here in Yangon: I type on google, cannot find online shop..
Go to the shopping area, surprised by how not-so-latest model the electronics in the shops (one whole street selling more or less same products, I entered like tens of them), find the shopkeeper (foreign people speaking foreign language), start pointing on the product I think I like (after being sure the model I chose from google is not there), hoping they have the brochure in english -- or at least to have the brochure (if not, the end of story).. ask price, ask for discount, pay with cash, bring home
Well, in my case the story did not finished there: the fridge was not cold so I called the shop.They said 'change the setting to middle cold' I did and wait, still not cold called them again to change the fridge with new one after called the third time, they came with bigger fridge and asked me to pay extra money -- which I refused, so they brought back that fridge to the shop and came back to me with exact same model I have.
Unlucky for them, too: I live in 5th floor, and.. --as most of local 'old' apartment here-- the building has no elevator.
Well, here comes a good news, if you have someone who helps translate, things will be much easier (lucky I have one).

So, I believe I am not the only one experience that. This blog is part of my journey here, some information I get from various sources, some thoughts, and some experience. This blog is dedicated for all of us expats and locals (and those who just like to read).
There will be list of things, names of restaurants and shops, sport centres, etc.
But it is NOT free (nothing is really for free), I need you to add the list, share your experience, help us!

Burma or Myanmar, Rangoon or Yangon

Welcome to the city!
The names Burma and Rangoon have been used since British colonial era. The military government officially rename the country and some cities in 1989. Some people with political concerns will have preference on which name to be used. Others will not mind. Burma refers to the country. Burmese refers to the people and the language. Myanmar refers to the country, the people, and the language. Commonly Myanmar people still use Burmese to refer the people and the language.

Burma (b3rmə / BUR-mə) or Myanmar (MYAHN-mar) (officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) has total area of 676,578 km2 population 61 million (2012 est.). Capital: Naypyidaw.

Yangon (literally: "end of strife") is the former capital of Myanmar. Total area 598.75 km2. Population 6million (2012 est.) Yangon is the most populated city in Myanmar.
Here is the introduction of Yangon:
During summer,electricity is blacked out for a couple minutes repeatedly for a couple times -- or that the power is only enough for lights, not aircon (yes, it happens in downtown Yangon). Summer can be 41 Celsius...
It is said that UV index in Yangon is 13 (2). While Wiki says 6 UV index 6 is high risk and you needSPF 30+ sunscreen, says New York UV index this week ranges from 3 to 5. So, follow the local to always use umbrella!
Internet in general is still hard to find. Unless you are staying in luxury hotel and work in very good company. New SIM Card can be USD2000 (4), (now is around USD200) expected to be much cheaper once Telenor and Ooredoo launch the service. Some telecommunication data plan from other countries have signal here (mine works).Cleanlinessin general is not so good. If you are sensitive, eating roadside food is not advisable. Fancy hotels &amp apartments should have cleanwaterrunning but it is not common for local.Business visa is available on arrival for some countries. Long term visit and other sophisticated visa option are still not available. Big supermarket is already good, basic necessities are available: imported food and beverage and stuffs but the price is pretty much higher compared to Jakarta and Bangkok. Product quality in general is still low, seems like people prefer low price than caring about the quality. Credit card and debit cardstill not much being used here. ATM is new (ATM machine + often electricity black out is not a good match). And yes, when local people buy car and land.. they use cash plenty of them. Up until 2010, cars mostly are old (20 years old cars are common). Try to ask price of car and land here, you'd be very surprised.. car price is getting better nowadays land price is not, so far...Serviced apartmentrent in Yangon for 70 sqm can reach USD4400 per month Annual rents for office in Yangon are more than USD100 a square foot, compared with less than USD75 in downtown Manhattan (3).
Those of you who like to travel: more hotels are being built, more taxi, more taxi driver speak english... so, not much to worry. A lot of pagoda here. There are some rules you need to remember (google it before you go), ground rule: always wear closed dress, and take off your shoes or sandals before entering the pagoda.
Traditional food is kind of combination of those from India, Thai, and China. A lot of curry.. Despite of being the capital, even in down town, there are still a lot of wild bird on the main street. If you are staying longer, you might want to expect Yangon as your capital city 15 years ago, where everything is still manual. No credit and debit card, no internet banking, no online purchasing (there is online shop but cash on delivery), not plenty of electricity and water, and internet connection.

Burmese (people)

People here like to smile, it is important to smile in fact, you might lose your face if you get upset in public(4). People are very patient, which can also be translated as 'slow' at some point.Been mentioned in some reports I read: in business negotiation - it is important to be very patient to get a deal. Compare to Singapore, where everyone is rushing, talk fast, to the point conversation, process things very fast.
People here are religious (80% Burmese are Buddhist). Monks are highly respected (nuns are different story) they have different vocab when talking with the monks(5).
Most young people have good passive english (listening) so there is chance they understand your english just not able to answering you fluently. People wearing sarong (they call it longyis)everywhere.

Burmese (language)

To learn a new language, I have this guideline:
1. Memorizing words (certain words serves special marking: add word 'ga' = pronoun is the subject add word 'go'= pronoun is the object),
2. Ability to mimic sound &amp tones,
3. Grammar.

1. Memorizing letters (it is not a, b, c, d, ...),
2. Memorizing how to read the words,
3. Grammar.

Myanmar oral language is not very difficult. If you are passionate about language, the words are quite easy to mimic for english speaking people. They have tones though. The language has not been standardised. Lonely planet classifies 5 tones for the burmese (compare 4 tones of chinese, 5 tones of Thai, and 6 tones of Vietnamese). The grammar in general is quite different from english "subject-verb-object-adv" example (when the sentence is literally translated): father-'ga' daughter-'go' home-at book gives. Writing Burmese is another story. The alphabet (33 consonants in writing and 12 vowel sounds) is totally different with english (26 alphabets) (5). Plus, reading it needs extra tricks.
I am not a fan of learning new language. After 4 months here, I only master 2 words: ce-zu tin-ba-deh (thank you) and sa (eat).

Ok.. That's it for the introduction. See you again later..


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March 24, 2014

Hello World and Blog Map

Welcome to this blog.
I am an Expat from Indonesia; moved to Yangon December 2013.
I would like to share some information I have about Yangon. I will include the source where I get the information, put some (subjective) comments, and wait for your inputs. I hope this site might help you in a way, yet it also serves as an entertaining read.

Pets and Hobbies:
Learn Burmese:
Learn Mandarin:
Review Restaurant:
Dota 2:
Learn Search Engine Optimization:


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